AHAVA Time To Hydrate Gentle Eye Cream (For All Skin Types)

AHAVA Time To Hydrate Gentle Eye Cream (For All Skin Types)


Brand: AHAVA

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AHAVA Time To Hydrate Gentle Eye Cream (For All Skin Types)
AHAVA Time To Hydrate Gentle Eye Cream (For All Skin Types)


For all skin types

Approved for Sensitive Skin

Allergy tested

Ophthalmological Tested


15 ml. / 0.51 fl. oz.

Give the tender, delicate skin around your eyes the vital dose of moisture it craves with this luscious, nutrient-rich eye cream! Carefully developed to deliver remarkable results, this decadent and gentle formula is saturated with naturally hydrating plant oils, vitamins, and minerals to provide your skin with the essential nutrients it needs to look healthy and vibrant. Infused with AHAVA’s innovative Osmoter Complex™, a potent concentrated Dead Sea mineral complex that allows the soothing ingredients of this replenishing formula to absorb quickly and penetrate deeply into the skin, this luxurious eye cream will make a huge and visible difference to your skin from the first time you use it. Sure to instantly cement itself as the most valuable product in your skincare arsenal, this sensational eye cream will have your skin thanking you!         

AHAVA began in 1988, launching a new line of skin care products that utilize the unique properties found in the mineral-rich water and mud that surrounds the Dead Sea. Eco-friendly, AHAVA aims to preserve the environment as much as possible for future generations. AHAVA prides themselves on their line of all natural products, which are formulated with a rich blend of powerful minerals, vitamins, and plant extracts to create a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art skin care products designed to nurture and revitalize your skin. Allergy-tested, paraben free and cruelty-free, AHAVA products are approved for use on even the most sensitive skin. This luxurious range of products will always leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth, and youthful. Don’t hesitate any longer to pamper your skin with a spa quality experience without the spa quality price!       

AHAVA’s signature Osmoter Complex™ is a unique blend of powerful, essential, skin-enhancing minerals such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium designed to leave your skin feeling flawless and smooth. Scientifically proven to moisturize and nourish the skin, AHAVA’s Osmoter Complex™ works by penetrating the external surface of the skin to the underlying layers underneath where the concentrated minerals are able to revitalize the skin and promote healing and rejuvenating at a cellular level for gorgeous, younger looking skin.