Adina Plastelina Gold Plated Cross Necklace (Mother of Pearl)


Brand: Adina Plastelina

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Adina Plastelina Gold Plated Cross Necklace (Mother of Pearl)
Adina Plastelina Gold Plated Cross Necklace (Mother of Pearl) Adina Plastelina Gold Plated Cross Necklace (Mother of Pearl)

24k Gold Plated Silver, Polymer Clay

Size: 0.5x1cm / 0.2” x 0.4”

Incorporate your spiritual belief in God into your wardrobe with this dainty and elegant gold plated Cross necklace! Made by the talented Israeli designer and artist, Adina Plastelina, this stunning pendant is an extraordinary work of art that uses polymer clay to produce fabulously patterned designs that are then set in jewelry and treated with clear enamel to protect the finish and add a glossy shine. Stylish and glamorous, this breathtaking piece of jewelry features a glittery white inlay encased in a graceful Cross shaped frame, which produces an exquisite contrast between the 24k gold plate and the shimmery polymer clay appliqué. Captivatingly beautiful, this enchanting creation is a flawless masterpiece constructed to dazzle and delight all who see it while also indicating one’s dedication to faith, making it a marvelous and thoughtful gift to bestow on those dearest to you!                

Adina Plastelina is a leading Israeli designer and jeweler based in the port city of Jaffa who famously implements an ancient process of hand layering strips of polymer clay to generate detailed patterns, which she inlays in jewelry and ornaments, and seals with clear enamel, giving each piece an incredible glossy shine and protection against wear. Combining noble metals such as gold and sterling silver with modern materials, Adina Plastelina utilizes her considerable talents and creativity to produce fabulous items of unequal splendor. Often finding inspiration in the wild beauty of nature, this beloved artist’s signature style incorporates vibrant colors and classic, romantic designs to create stunning pieces that capture the elegance of traditional jewelry designs and unites them with modern fashion trends, making every individual creation is a timeless masterpiece that will never lose its beauty. With her original style and unique application of materials and designs, this remarkable artist has earned international acclaim, with her pieces prominently featured in major fashion magazines such as Urban Coco, OK Magazine, and even Vogue UK. Considered a legendary innovator in the field of jewelry, each exceptional trinket from this outstanding artist is an exclusive treasure that was lovingly crafted with the intention of bringing people closer together through thoughtful keepsakes made to last for an eternity! 

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