Ben Jewelry 14K Gold and Roman Glass Ornate Filigree Jerusalem Cross Pendant


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Ben Jewelry 14K Gold and Roman Glass Ornate Filigree Jerusalem Cross Pendant
Ben Jewelry 14K Gold and Roman Glass Ornate Filigree Jerusalem Cross Pendant

14K Gold and Roman Glass

Size: 25 mm x 25 mm / 1” x 1”

A shining example of the beauty and perfection that can be achieved when you combine faith with fashion, this exceptional 14k gold filigree Jerusalem cross by illustrious Israeli artist Ben Sadya is a glorious declaration of your commitment and devotion in God. Gorgeously handcrafted, this extraordinary work of art brilliantly features incredible Yemenite filigree throughout the piece and is marvelously set in the center with a dazzling shard of glittering Roman Glass. A vision of elegance, affirm your faith in style with this regal and luxurious keepsake from the Holy Land that will surely become a treasure you’ll want to pass down for generations!    

*Please, keep in mind that Roman Glass is sensitive to moisture. To preserve this rare and ancient material, please exercise caution and avoid contact with water.  

Ben Jewelers was opened in the early 1990’s by Ben Sadya, one of Israel's top jewelers, who first learned his craft in metalworking from his family who would design and craft fine jewelry for the Royal Court of Yemen. Ben learned the secrets of Yemenite filigree in his father’s workshop, where he spent much of his childhood perfecting his skills. Ben Sadya lovingly designs and hand constructs each piece, taking inspiration from his heritage and adding a modern twist, which has earned this incredible artisan international acclaim and recognition. Respected worldwide for his extraordinary talent and fabulous designs, this magnificent artist works with a multitude of materials and styles, famously incorporating precious and semi-precious gemstones, 14 and 18 karat gold and sterling silver, as well as beautiful, glittering Roman Glass to produce luxurious pieces of indescribable beauty. Each flawless creation from this impressive artist is radiant masterpiece unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.      

Roman Glass is a unique material found primarily in Israel in the midst of archaeological excavations. The production and invention of many glass-making techniques were largely a result of the ingenuity of the ancient Roman Empire. Because of their resourcefulness, the manufacturing of glass became widespread and affordable during their era. After the fall of the Roman Empire, shards of glass were one of the many remnants of this ancient civilization that were left behind to be forgotten by the ravages of time. Over the last 2000 years, these shards of glass have waited buried in Israel's ground where environmental conditions reacted to contaminants manufactured into the glass to produce a dazzling array of hues and colors in the once transparent glass. Considered of little importance to archaeologists, it has since become highly prized by jewelers who set superior quality samples into elegant gold and silver jewelry. Each shard has its own distinctive pattern of mesmerizing glittering flecks of brilliant color, making every individual trinket a one-of-a-kind piece.    


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