Havdalah Candle and Spice Set from Safed Candles


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Havdalah Candle and Spice Set from Safed Candles
Havdalah Candle and Spice Set from Safed Candles

Height: 25 cm / 10"

Ease your transition from the holiness of the Sabbath to the mundane of the week with this lovely Havdalah candle and spice set from Safed Candles. Produced in the holy northern city of Safed, the set features a multicolored candle fashioned in the traditional intertwined style and a small spice bag with the Hebrew blessing "Borei Minei Besamim" ("Who Creates Different Types of Spices") adorning it. Simple but finely crafted, this Havdalah set is a wonderful way to start the new week.

Safed Candles is located in the heart of the ancient holy city of Tzfat, in northern Israel. Known to be a spiritual hub for Kabbalah and ancient mysticism, as well as Israel’s art capital, Tzfat is an inspirational place where local artisans thrive, and the remarkably talented candle makers of Safed Candles are no exception. Renowned for the unbelievable beauty, quality, and tasteful designs of their products, Safed Candles specializes in crafting incredible beeswax candles using traditional methods of hand-dipping and other decorative techniques. Made to burn clear and bright, these fantastic candles from the Holy Land are perfect for every occasion!

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