Rafael Jewelry Sterling Silver and Eilat Stone Western Wall Ring

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Brand: Rafael Jewelry

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Rafael Jewelry Sterling Silver and Eilat Stone Western Wall Ring
Rafael Jewelry Sterling Silver and Eilat Stone Western Wall Ring

925 Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, Eilat Stone

Size of Stone: 0.6" X 0.5" / 1.5 X 1.2 cm 

Stunning and regal, this incredible ring by Jerusalem designer, Rafael, is sure to make a stylish fashion statement. Skillfully crafted from sterling silver, this magnificent trinket is boldly set with a smoothly polished blue-green Eilat stone in a bezel setting with a gold-filled trim. Ornamenting the sides and head of the ring is a spectacular Western Wall design that is beautifully textured and wonderfully detailed to provide character to each stylized brick. Capturing the beauty and essence of Jerusalem perfectly into one exquisitely luxurious piece of jewelry, this marvelous masterpiece is a wondrous choice for treating yourself or a loved one to a breathtaking gem from the Holy Land!  

This ring is suitable for men or women.

Due to a diverse combination of copper minerals that gives this green-blue stone its distinctive look; Eilat Stone is the National stone of Israel. Named after Israel's southernmost city, this stone was once mined there, despite being originally discovered in King Solomon's copper mines located near the Red Sea. This is why the popular stone is also known as 'King Solomon Stone'. Possessing properties similar to diamonds in that each stone has its own unique difference in cut, color, and weight, this ensures that the stone you choose will be a one of a kind stone entirely your own.

Rafael Saadia is the founder, owner, designer, and maker of Rafael Jewelry. Creating his business in the early 1970’s, Rafael has been creating exquisite pieces of jewelry for over 40 years. Descending from a long line of expert jewelers who once created jewelry for the Yemenite royal family, Rafael continues the family tradition of incorporating ancient Yemenite style into his work, combining ancient themes with modern designs, creating a unique, and signature look. Famed as one of the greatest Jewelry designers in Israel, this prestigious artist works with sterling silver and gold, and often incorporates various precious and semi-precious stones such as Jerusalem stone, Eilat stone, and Roman glass, as well as more classic gemstones like diamond, rubies, and sapphires. Each piece is carefully handcrafted from the finest materials, guaranteeing you will receive only the highest quality product available. Every piece from Rafael is a treasure worth passing down for generations.             


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