The Israel Museum Map of the Holy Land-Lucas Brandis de Schass, 1475


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The Israel Museum Map of the Holy Land-Lucas Brandis de Schass, 1475
The Israel Museum Map of the Holy Land-Lucas Brandis de Schass, 1475

Size: 38.7 x 55.2 cm / 15.5" x 22.1"

Originally created in 1475 by Lucas Brandis de Schass in his book, Rudimentum Novitorum, a volume on world history as seen through the eyes of the medieval Christian theology, this fascinating map is considered by many experts to be one of the first maps ever printed that are more than basic diagrams. The woodcut map was carved in a way that symbolically places Jerusalem at the center, a mapping style that was common at the time due to the popular belief that Jerusalem, as the holiest place in the world, is the very center of the universe and the “Navel of the world” where man was first created. With a bird’s-eye view that extends from Damascus to the Red Sea, characters and settings from the Old and New Testaments and the personifications of the astronomical directions in the forms of human faces at every corner of the map, this extraordinary cartographic masterpiece has captivated the hearts and minds of people for generations. A flawless reproduction of the beloved map, this gorgeous product comes in a stunning gold-colored wooden frame, making it a perfect option to hang in your home, office, or classroom. Mesmerizing and marvelous, this sensational souvenir from the Holy Land will make a wonderful gift for someone with an enthusiasm for history and cartography!

Israel's largest cultural institution, the Israel Museum, is dedicated to recording and safeguarding the relics that chronicle the tale of the Jewish people. Housing thousands of years of ancient artifacts pertaining to Jewish culture all over the world, the Israel Museum’s mission is to educate and encourage knowledge of Judaism’s rich and fascinating history to people all over the globe. One of their methods of fulfilling this dream is to create stunning replicas and adaptations of the original pieces in their encyclopedic collections and distribute them worldwide. With each captivating replication comes its own certification of authenticity, as well as a brief summary of that piece’s historical background in both Hebrew and English.     

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