28"-30" Yemenite Kudu Shofar Horn - Polished


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Yemenite-Shofar---Extra-Large---Polished-SM-K7080-P_large.jpg Yemenite-Shofar---Extra-Large---Polished-SM-K7080-P-2_large.jpg

Size: 28" - 30" / 71 - 76 cm (measured lengthwise around the curves)

This sleek and shiny spiraled horn (or Shofar) is majestic and incredible to behold. Made from the horn of the greater kudu, a species of African antelope, the tradition of using kudu horns for the religious ritual of blowing a horn on the Jewish New Year began with the Jews from Yemen, who later brought the horns with them to Israel where they became a wildly popular alternative to the classic European ram’s horn. Polished to perfection, this glossy horn demonstrates the flawless beauty of this breathtaking instrument. Producing a pure, resonant sound that is just as impressive as the instrument that created it, this horn will bring you back to a time when the horn’s mighty call either signified a time of war or celebration. Absolutely certain to make a spectacular and memorable gift for someone special, this fascinating instrument is also sure to find a place of distinction in your home for you to enjoy it for many years to come.  

Because this horn is made from organic material, the product that you purchase may come in shades of color somewhat lighter or darker than what is pictured.

A clear acrylic shofar stand is available with this shofar for an additional charge.


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