Armenian Ceramics Vintage Style Portable Candlestick- Blue Flowers

Made in Israel
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Let the light of the Holy Land radiate throughout your home with this phenomenal portable candlestick.

  • A delightful design by the Armenian artists of Jerusalem, this portable candlestick is decorated with a beautiful blue floral pattern that is iconic of Armenian ceramic pieces.
  • A unique design brought to you from the holy city of Jerusalem.
  • Whether for you or a gift for someone you love, this candlestick will bring light and holiness for many years to come.

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Hand Painted Ceramics

Size: 9cm x 7cm / 3.5" x 2.8"

Reminiscent of the old-style portable candleholders that were popular before the invention and widespread usage of the battery-operated flashlight, this unique candleholder is a single conjoined piece that is comprised of the candlestick, base, and handle. Painted by hand in the iconic blue Armenian floral design, this stunning candleholder is both charming and extraordinary. Perfect for anyone who enjoys vintage style décor, this exceptional little candlestick is guaranteed to bring a special light to your home! 

Armenian Ceramics has a long history in the State of Israel. Opening up a studio in the Old City of Jerusalem, they are among the oldest businesses in Israel. Fashioning stunning works of art by hand out of clay, each item is baked in kiln at a temperature of up to 1000 degrees Celsius, than meticulously hand painted in breathtaking designs, glazed and refired to produce magnificent masterpieces of unrivalled beauty.    

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