Barsheshet-Ribak Silver Yemenite (Kudu) Shofar with Jerusalem and Grapes Design

Made in Israel
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Invigorate your faith with this elegant silver-plated shofar:

  • Natural polished Yemenite (kudu) shofar.
  • Beautifully decorated with silver-plated depictions of the ancient Jerusalem cityscape and grapes bunches.
  • A beautiful velvet shofar bag with a Lion of Judah design can be added for an additional cost.
  • A great gift for a special occasion or for use during worship and festivals.

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Polished Kudu Horn, 925 Sterling Silver Plated, Gold Plated

Size: Available in 7 lengths. Shofars are measured lengthways, around their curves.

Display your faith in the Lord and love of Jerusalem proudly with this magnificent one-of-a-kind silver-plated Yemenite shofar! Luxurious and unique, it boasts two bands of silver along its curves. On the wider band is a stunning depiction of Jerusalem’s iconic cityscape with golden highlights, and on the smaller band is a golden cluster of grapes - a symbol of prosperity. This marvelously detailed shofar will make a flawless addition to any home decor or festive worship.

Please Note: Shofars may come in shades of color somewhat lighter or darker than what is pictured.

Purchase together with this item (for an additional charge):

- A 50 ml bottle of shofar odor neutralizer.
- A stylish shofar bag.
- A matching deluxe shofar stand.

Barsheshet-Ribak is a family business dating back to 14th century Spain. Today located in the Holy Land, this incredible company manufactures awe-inspiring shofarot, made to the highest standards and in accordance with biblical tradition.

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