Glass and Brass Hanukkah Menorah- 6th Century Adaptation

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Show your affection for the Children of Israel with this remarkable replica menorah from the Holy Land:

  • Marvelously made of painted glass and brass, this exclusive design is a replica of an exceptional 6th-century menorah that is today housed at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.
  • Brought to you from the Israel Museum in the Holy City of Jerusalem.
  • Whether for yourself or a gift for someone special, this majestic menorah will take pride of place wherever it is put on display.

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Material: Painted Glass and Brass

Width: 11.8" / 30 cm

Height: 9.8" / 25 cm

For a menorah that is beautiful and steeped in history - this adaption of a Hanukkah lamp discovered in an ancient Ein Gedi synagogue. This menorah holds a total of 9 cups, 8 cups for the 8 nights of Hanukkah and the 9th and middle cup for the shamash or 'helper' candle which lights the others. Special and unique – this is the perfect item to have in your home during the holiday season or all year long.

A Hanukkah blessing pamphlet is included, free of charge, upon purchase of this item. Beautifully designed and well organized, this laminated booklet consists of the prayers, in both Hebrew and English, said during and after the lighting of the Hanukkah candles.

Pamphlet Size: 9.4" X 6.5" / 24cm X 16.5 cm

This menorah comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The certificate explains the background about the item in English as well as Hebrew. 

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