Laura Cowan Travel Shabbat Candlesticks With Dune Design

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Stainless steel, metal box

Size: 4" X 4" / 10 X 10 cm 

Spread the holy light of the Sabbath and holidays anywhere in the world with this charming pair of travel candlesticks from Israeli artist, Laura Cowan. Inspired by the rolling sand dunes of the Sinai Desert, each square candlestick features a wavy design and boasts a polished finish. One candlestick is inscribed with the word "Shabbat" while the other is inscribed with the word "Shalom" to make the traditional Hebrew Sabbath greeting, "Shabbat Shalom." Complete with an easy-to-carry metal travel case, this set of candlesticks is perfect for use on the Sabbath and holidays no matter where you are.

Known for her unique and jaw-dropping futuristic modern designs, Laura Cowan creates extraordinary pieces inspired by a combination of her Jewish upbringing as well as her long-time fascination with man’s historic mission to land a man on the moon during the Sixties. Producing many pieces of fabulous modern Judaica, this exceptional artist was even contacted by American astronaut Greg Chamitoff who requested to take one of her enchanting designs into space. After receiving clearance from NASA to be sent to space, in May 2008 two of her magnificent pieces were blasted off on the Expedition 17 to the International Space Station. With her captivating, simplistic designs, and bold use of stylish metals and colorful accents to her work, every flawless creation from this tasteful and impressive artist is an outstanding and remarkable work of art from the Holy Land that you will never cease to enjoy!  

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