Lin's Farm All-Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing ( 250 ml)

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The Holy Land is renowned for its olives, so much so that they are acknowledged in the Bible as one of the seven special "species" of the land's agricultural produce. So why use any other than this all-natural extra virgin olive oil from the Holy Land:

  • This bottle contains 250ml of pure, all-natural extra virgin oil from the Holy Land, rich in vitamins and health benefits.
  • Produced with love by Lin's Farm, one of Israel's leading producers of all-natural tasty treats.
  • The must-have addition to your home kitchen.

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250 g / 9 oz

Rich and tasty, and with all the spectacular health benefits that come from natural extra-virgin olive oil, this flavorful oil is sure to make a savory enhancement to your home-cooked food. Overflowing with beneficial fatty acids such as Oleic acid, which is thought to reduce inflammation and have positive effects on genes prone to certain types of cancers, extra-virgin olive oil has a host of other impressive health benefits. Abundant in vitamins like Vitamin E and K, extra-virgin olive oil does not cause weight gain and the helpful mono-unsaturated fats in olive oil are extremely heat resistant, making this type of oil healthy to cook with. Natural extra-virgin olive oil can also help prevent and protect against diseases like heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, type-2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammation. With so many extraordinary and remarkable advantages to including olive oil into your everyday diet, it’s important to make sure you pick the right one, and there’s none better than the one-off of Lin’s Farm.   

Lin’s Farm is a family run company based in Israel, which has produced an impressive range of natural products based on honey and other all-natural ingredients for the last 30 years. Each of their mouthwatering products is free of preservatives, added sugars, dairy, soy, and chemicals, and do not contain more then 1-8 different ingredients to ensure you only the most pure and unaltered flavors. With natural products that are full of surprising health benefits and abundant flavors, it’s no surprise why goods from Lin’s Farm are so much better than anything you’ll find at your local health food store!         


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