Nano 24K Gold Plated and Gemstone Grafted-In Necklace with 24K Gold Micro-Inscription (Blue)

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24K Gold Plated, Gemstone

Size: 18mm / 0.7"

Stand out from the crowd with this delicate and flawless pendant that will give you an entirely new way to demonstrate your devotion to faith while also being a fashionable and unique accessory that you will love! Perfect to pair with all of your favorite outfits, this magnificent 24K gold plated pendant has a gorgeous thick frame which is etched with a charming geometric pattern along the edge and is set with a glittering blue gemstone. At the center of the gemstone is a fabulous design, which has been micro inscribed on the surface of the gem with 24K gold using sophisticated nanotechnologies to produce stunning works of art. Featuring a beautifully designed Messianic Seal or Grafted-In symbol with a quote from the Bible beneath it, this luxurious pendant also has the English and Hebrew names of Jesus embossed on the upper right and left corners of the Seal. With the words, “Branches were broken off so that I might be grafted in,” (Romans 11:19), this enchanting pendant is full of spiritual meaning, making it perfect for someone looking to feel closer to God and have His holy words with them wherever they go. The perfect gift for any occasion, the exceptional trinket is a wonderful and thoughtful keepsake to give to someone special to you so that they know just how much they mean to you.         

Nano Jewelry uses innovative modern technology to create extraordinary and astonishing one-of-a-kind jewelry. Utilizing high-resolution imprint nanotechnology to micro-inscribe symbols and texts onto Onyx or Cubic Zirconia, 24K Gold is permanently fused to gemstones in captivating and charming designs that will never cease to amaze you. Made only with top-quality materials, Nano pendants can be worn in the shower, gym or even to the beach without worry of damage or wear.

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