Sterling Silver, 9k Gold, and Pearl Kabbalah Ring with Love and Blessing Inscription

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Give a special lady a special gift this Valentine's Day with this beautiful ring from the Holy Land:

  • Made of 925 sterling silver, this delicate design displays verses from King Solomon's Song of Songs, as well as mystical Hebrew letters that symbolize the names of God. A stunning pearl emerges from a flower-like base at the center of the ring.
  • A truly unique design from the Israel-based HaAri Jewelry.
  • Unique, stylish, and meaningful, this ring is a remarkable gift for a special lady in honor of Valentine's Day, a birthday, or an anniversary.

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925 Sterling Silver, 9K Gold, Pearl

Unique and extraordinary, this exceptional sterling silver and pearl ring was specially designed to bestow a wealth of blessings for love and spiritual beauty into your life and fill you with joy every time you wear it! Inspired by the ancient mystical teachings of the Kabballah and flawlessly crafted by the illustrious Israeli designer HaAri, this stunning ring features a single ivory pearl cradled in a gleaming 9k gold setting situated in the center of the slender silver band, which also features profound Hebraic inscriptions. Engraved on one side of the ring with a partial verse from King Solomon’s Song of Songs, Bikashti Et She’ahava Nafshi – “I looked for the one my soul loves;” while the ring’s other side is etched with a special combination of three-letter arrangements that spell out a few of the 72 holy mystical names of God. Transcribed with “Shin-Alef-Heh,” for love and courtship; “Hey-Hey-Ayin,” for finding unconditional love; “Alef- Yud-Ayin,” for hope and finding a heavenly soulmate; “Mem-Hey-Shin” for health and recovery; and Ayin-Reish-Yud: for confidence, faith, and security; these specific names of God were chosen for this marvelous ring as they are customarily connected to love, matchmaking, and prayer. Full of meaning and spirituality, this incredible ring will make the perfect gift from the Holy Land for someone ready to find their other half through the help of God! 

HaAri Jewelry was established around 10 years ago and has since become one of the most outstanding designers in spiritual and Kabbalistic jewelry in Israel. From their two studios in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, HaAri individually handcrafts each of their marvelous creations with great care for the sake of endowing every trinket with subtle energy that makes them indescribably special. Guided by their many years of study in the sacred sources, HaAri’s aspiration is to produce inspirational, high-quality pieces that perfectly blend history, style, and traditional ancient mysticism in order to tell a story that you can connect with, ensuring that everything made by HaAri is a masterpiece that’s beautiful to wear, uplifting for the soul, and full of meaning.


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