925 Sterling Silver Plated Ram’s Horn Shofar with Jerusalem Lions of Judah

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Polished Ram’s Horn, 925 Sterling Silver-Plated

Size: Available in 5 lengths. Shofars are measured lengthways, around their curves.

10" - 12" / 25 - 30 cm
12" - 14" / 30 - 36 cm
14" - 16" / 36 - 41 cm
16" - 18" / 41 - 46 cm
18" - 21" / 46 - 53 cm

Take your faith to new levels by embracing the age-old ritual of sounding the Shofar with this majestic silver-plated ram’s horn fit for a king! Stunning and bold, this is the ultimate Shofar for affirming your faith in God. Featuring twin Lions of Judah with a crown, a symbol often interpreted as a representation of the Lord’s divine sovereignty, this gorgeous instrument is a marvelous expression of unquestionable faith worthy of inclusion in your spiritual services. With the word Jerusalem located beneath the crown and artistic golden highlights completing the magnificent design, this regal and captivating instrument is capable of producing a sound as impressive and fierce as a lion’s mighty roar, proving that this horn is more than just a simple work of art. Sure to become a prized possession you’ll treasure for years to come, this phenomenal Shofar from the Holy Land will make a great gift that you or a loved one will be proud to own!           

Please note: Shofars are made from an organic material whose exact coloring and length may vary slightly from the product shown. Due to these natural variations in the organic horn and the artistic liberties of the artist, the product you receive may look slightly different to the one pictured.

A clear acrylic shofar stand is available with this shofar for an additional charge.

A 50 ml bottle of shofar odor neutralizer is available at an additional charge.

A stylish Shofar bag is available at an additional charge.

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