Kiddush and Communion Cups

Communion cups and chalices are used by numerous Christian rites during the celebration of Holy Communion or Eucharist. The Eucharist dates back to the Last Supper when Jesus gave his disciples bread and wine and instructed them to continue the ritual in memory of him. With the bread symbolizing his body and the wine in the chalice representing his blood, the Eucharist remains a central sacrament of Christian worship to this day. Holding the wine or grape juice that represents the blood of Christ, communion cups play an important part in the Eucharist and are often made of precious metal and ornately decorated. Here at My Jerusalem Store, we have a range of communion cups in a great selection of styles - from colorful depictions of the Holy Land to metallic biblical motifs. Whether you are a place of worship looking for a new chalice or communion cup, or whether you are searching for a meaningful gift for faithful family or friends, you are sure to find the perfect item!