Barbara Shaw Birds of the Holy Land Mug (Wagtail)

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Brand: Barbara Shaw

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Barbara Shaw Birds of the Holy Land Mug (Wagtail)
Barbara Shaw Birds of the Holy Land Mug (Wagtail)

Height9.5 cm / 4 "

Diameter8 cm / 3 "

This gorgeous and cheerful mug is stunningly decorated with a spectacular illustration of a brown and yellow bird perched on thin, leafy branches dotted with red berries. A tasteful and mesmerizing work of art from renowned Israeli artist, Barbara Shaw, this simple mug honors the natural wonders of the Holy land’s native plants and animals by featuring one of Israel's indigenous creatures, the Wagtail, or ‘Nachalieli’ on this remarkable cup. With its bright and vibrant yellow interior and handle, and stylish design, this fun and sensational cup is a magnificent souvenir from the Holy Land that will make a fantastic gift for someone special!

Barbara Shaw is a creative and unique Israeli artist whose distinctive perspective on the Holy Land and its ancient and modern culture is reflected in her artwork. Specializing in original gift ideas that are both practical and beautiful, this exception artist is heavily influenced by tradition as well as by nature, and often features plants and animals native to the Holy Land in her artwork. All of her products are produced ethically at her workshop in Jerusalem, making each of her fantastic items a true treasure from the Holy Land. Bold, modern, and whimsical, this talented artist’s charming use of color and worldly inspiration has allowed her to create extraordinary items that are stylish, sensational, and attractive. Perfect for those whose tastes and fashion tend to lean towards the modern and unconventional, each one of Barbara Shaw’s stunning masterpieces will make a marvelous gift for someone special! 

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