Adi Hebrew Letters Dainty Women's Watch - Small

Made in Israel
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Keep time in the utmost elegance and sophistication with this dainty designer women's watch from Adi Watches:

  • Made of stainless steel and a black leather band, this golden analog watch features the Hebrew letters.
  • Created by one of the Holy Land of Israel's leading watchmakers and designers. 
  • Will make a lovely gift for that special lady in your life!

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Stainless Steel Back

Mineral Glass

Black Leather Band

Diameter:  0.9" / 24 mm

Add an elegant touch to your watch collection with this magnificent designer women's watch from Adi Watches! This dainty watch displays Hebrew letters in place of numbers on the golden face of this analog watch, and it is placed on a delicate and comfortable black leather band. The watch is also water resistant down to 30 meters from the surface. Beautiful and alluring, this petite watch will make a lovely gift for any occasion!

Pronunciation of the Hebrew letters: Aleph (1), Bet (2), Gimmel (3), Daled (4), Hey (5), Vav (6), Zahyin (7), Chet (8), Tet (9), Yud (10), Yud-Aleph (11) and Yud-Bet (12)  

All Adi watches come with a one year warranty.

Designed and assembled from start to finish in the Holy Land, Adi Watches is the foremost brand of high-quality luxury watches in Israel. Their broad range of styles and designs has made them extremely successful in both their native country and worldwide. Drawing inspiration from traditional and biblical elements, and modern cultural themes and language, Adi’s unique designs often incorporate Hebrew letters; and their craftsmanship is so trusted, that many units in the Israeli Defense Force including Air Force and Navy have been seen sporting their specialty watches. Boasting of exquisite and elegant designs for both men and women, Adi has a luxurious accessory for every taste and occasion. The perfect gift to give someone you love, each one of these remarkable watches is a memorable treasure to cherish for many years to come.  

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