Art in Clay Handmade Home Blessing Ceramic Wall Hanging

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Turn your house into a home with this meaningful wall hanging from Art in Clay:

  • Made of ceramic, this wall hanging features the Home Blessing in English. The design around the text includes pomegranates, leaves and a palm tree with 24K gold accents, and the plaque is also framed in 24K gold. 
  • Masterfully designed and handcrafted in the Holy Land.
  • The perfect gift for any occasion, this limited edition plaque wall hanging comes with a deluxe gift box, an information booklet about the artist as well as a display stand.

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Clay, Engobe Colors, Glazing, 24K Gold

Size: 12cm x 17cm / 47.2" x 6.69" 

Add an element of blessing to your home décor with this lovely ceramic wall hanging from Art in Clay. Bordered by a blue swirling design, the center of the plaque features the words "May This Place Be a Home For Peace And Love Prosperity – And Good Health" surrounded by colorful illustrations of pomegranates and a date palm. Deeply symbolic, pomegranates are one of the seven species with which the Holy Land is blessed (Deuteronomy 8:8) and represent fruitfulness, the resurrection of Christ and everlasting life while the date palm represents the triumph of both faith and the spirit. A wonderful work of art, this wall hanging is a beautiful way of connecting your home to the Holy Land.

Hand Made in Israel. Includes a hook for hanging, an information booklet about the artist and a stamp of authenticity on the back.

Please note that because this item is hand-painted and unique, slight variations in color may occur. 

Art In Clay is a family-run art studio in Jaffa-Tel Aviv founded in 2008 by artists Amir Rom and his wife Laurence, who are both graduates of Jerusalem’s prestigious Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Since then, they have gained a solid reputation for excellence that even won them the attention of the American government, who commissioned Art In Clay to design special gifts for the auspicious occasion of opening the US Embassy in Jerusalem on May 14, 2018. Specializing in producing stunning ceramic pieces that combine modern design and traditional motifs celebrating the proud and ancient legacy of the Holy Land, most of Art In Clay’s designs are inspired by Israel, the Bible, and archeological findings, infusing their creations with an intangible Israeli element that can be felt in every magnificent design. Handmade in Israel and frequently decorated with real 24k gold, Art In Clay produces only a limited number of each original design, with each Limited Edition piece hand-painted and labeled with a unique serial number. Fired multiple times in a kiln at temperatures greater than 1100 °C/2100 °F to properly achieve the desired colors and sheen, each piece includes a Certificate of Authenticity and an explanation of the piece from the artists, ensuring that they’ll always have value. Sure to make incredible gifts, these amazing creations are keepsakes for the heart and soul that will bring joy to whoever receives them! 

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