Barsheshet-Ribak Silver Plated Polished Kudu Horn Shofar with Grafted-In

Made in Israel
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Arouse your soul with the remarkable sound of this gorgeous shofar:

  • Made from a kudu (antelope) horn in accordance with the Yemenite tradition.
  • Beautifully decorated with a silver-plated Grafted-In design.
  • A stylish velvet shofar bag can be purchased with this item for an additional cost.
  • The perfect gift idea for the holiday season or as a marvelous piece of home decor.

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Polished Kudu Horn, 925 Sterling Silver Plated, Gold Plated

Shofars are measured lengthways, around their curves.

Your New Year’s celebrations are about to change for the better with the inclusion of this majestic silver-bound Yemenite kudu horn shofar to your festivities! Sure to provide a lifetime of enjoyment for you or a loved one, this spectacular shofar has been polished to an incredible shine and boasts two silver bands with gorgeous designs. With one band featuring a golden Grafted-In Messianic Seal and the other a golden olive branch, this magnificent shofar is a resoundingly beautiful and luxurious masterpiece that is as meaningful and exceptional as it is breathtaking. A true vision of elegance, explore the ancient customs of your heritage with this astounding treasure from the Holy Land just waiting to become yours forever! 

Shofars are made from an organic material and so their exact coloring and length may vary slightly from the product shown. 

Please note:  This item is custom made according to your specific order. Please allow up to 15 business days from date of purchase before the item is shipped.  

Barsheshet-Ribak Shofars is a family business that produces some of the very best shofars in the world. The union of two great dynasties specializing in the production of high-quality shofars, each of these incredible horns is a testament to the rich history behind them. The Bar-Sheshet family can trace back their lineage in shofar making to 14th-century Spain, and throughout their time in Morocco and their eventual immigration to the Holy Land of Israel, they have continued the family tradition to produce fantastic shofar horns of unparalleled excellence. Meanwhile, in Poland, a man by the name of Rabbi Yacov Rossman also created objects out of animal horns, and his incredible talent and beautiful shofars became legendary throughout Poland. After settling in Tel Aviv, he continued his craft and taught his cousin, Avraham Ribak, the secrets of his trade. Today, the sons of Avraham Ribak and Meir Bar-Sheshet work together in the Holy Land to produce the finest shofars you’ll ever see. With their uncompromising commitment to excellence, these magnificent horns are sought after by religious communities and collectors worldwide for their immeasurable beauty and unrivaled quality.

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