Deluxe Mini Torah Scroll Replica

Designed in Israel
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Searching for a fun and interactive way to teach the words of the Lord to your children? This deluxe mini-Torah scroll replica is for you:

  • Contains the text of the Torah (Old Testament) printed on high-quality paper, held together by two wooden handles. The scroll's cover is made of soft, plush velvet and is embroidered with a classical design and the words "Torah's Crown" in English. 
  • Beautifully made in the Holy Land. 
  • Perfect for educational use in teaching children about faith in the Lord or Judaism. 

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Size: 10 cm / 4"

This Torah scroll replica contains the original text, found in the real Torah, printed on high-quality paper. The Torah replica is held together by two wooden handles and the cover of the scroll is made from plush and soft velvet that is embroidered with a traditional design that says in Hebrew 'Keter Torah' which means 'Torah's Crown' in English.

Choose from two cover colors in the drop down box above. 

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