Ein Gedi Anointing Oil Enriched With Spikenard 12 ml

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Bring the scents of the Bible to life with this wonderful anointing oil from the Holy Land:

  • A beautiful blend of spikenard and the finest quality olive oil from the Galilee region. Spikenard appears numerous times throughout the bible where it is regarded for its fragrance.
  • Produced entirely in the Holy Land, this magnificent anointing oil will bring the land where Jesus was born, spread the word of the Lord, and sacrificed his life for mankind's sins straight into your home.
  • Great for enriching your worship, healing, or bathing experience.

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12 ml / 0.4 fl.oz.

This authentic holy anointing oil is made with genuine olive oil from Jerusalem and the Galilee and is enriched with the biblical essence of spikenard. This ancient spice has a long and rich history, and was famously used to anoint the head and feet of Jesus Christ, while the fragrant perfume filled the house with its unique and exotic scent. Used in many prayers and services, anointing oil has always been an indispensable instrument of worship, and can be used for healing, purification, protection or as a physical symbol of your own love and devotion to the Lord. Made from the purest ingredients and crafted in the Holy Land like the sacred oils of biblical times, this virtuous holy oil is matchless in quality, and will add something special to your personal worship that you didn’t know was missing! 

Ein Gedi Cosmetics are famous for their impressive range of top quality, yet affordable skin care products, but they are equally well known for their spiritual line of anointing oils. Blended from only the purest ingredients in accordance to the specifications written in the Holy Bible, each bottle of anointing oil produced by Ein Gedi is finely crafted, high quality and respectfully made for all of your devotional and spiritual needs. Made with a base of pure Holy Land olive oil, this incredible line of holy oils are the best in the market for all of your most essential religious ceremonies such as healing, prayer, consecration, baptism, or just to use as a symbolic representation of ardent faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ.  

All products made by Ein Gedi Cosmetics are formulated with all natural ingredients, are vegan friendly and cruelty free for guilt-free indulgence.

  1. Ein Gedi Anointing Oil Enriched With Spikenard 12 ml
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