Holy Anointing Oil

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Infuse your worship, healing, or bathing with the aromatic scents of the Holy Land:

  • On a base of quality olive oil, this awesome anointing oil is infused with a beautiful blend of biblical fragrances including myrrh, cinnamon, cassia, and calamus.
  • Brought to you straight from the Holy Land, this unique product brings the bible to life.
  • Perfect for your personal use or for giving as a gift in honor of a special occasion.

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Ingredients: 100% Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Cassia, Calamus

This oil is available in a range of sizes.

Holy Anointing Oil was prevalent in the times of the Bible. It uses were many - from blessing vessels for Gods purpose to anointing Kings, Prophets, and Priests to show their ultimate service to Gods. This anointing oil is made from the four ingredients that can be directly found in the Bible, making this anointing oil steeped in tradition and faith.

Scripture relating to this product can be found in: Exodus 30:23-33, 1 Sam. 16:13 and 1 Sam 10:1-6

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