Israel Museum Early 20th Century Central European Hanukkah Menorah Replica

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Show your affinity for the Children of Israel with this fabulous replica menorah from the Holy Land:

  • Made of brass, this unique design is a replica of an early 20th-century central European menorah that is held by the Israel Museum in Jerusalem - a wonderful reminder and tribute to the vibrant and rich history and heritage of European Jewry.
  • Brought to you straight from the Israel Museum in the Holy City of Jerusalem.
  • Whether for yourself or a gift for someone else, this magnificent menorah will take pride of place wherever it is displayed.

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Size: 18cm x 22.5cm / 7" x 8.8"

This remarkable and gleaming brass menorah is inspired by a central European design that was popular in the beginning of the 20th century. With a simple, classic design, the branches of this elegant Hanukkah Menorah gracefully curve outward from the central column, which is artistically topped with a stunning Star of David. Reflecting the time period’s change in perspective towards Zionistic nationalism, this modest and dignified candelabra in many ways represents the Jewish Community’s typical approach to Judaism of that time, where most Jews felt proud of their heritage, but still tried to appear assimilated with the citizens of their resident countries. In a time where anti-Semitism was on the rise, this marvelous Menorah stood as a light in the darkness, and symbolized hope for a brighter future. With a ninth candle holder (Shamash) that detaches so you can safely light the other candles, this breathtakingly beautiful Hanukkah menorah will make a meaningful addition to your spiritual service to God, or will make a lovely keepsake to display proudly in your home.     

This gorgeous replica comes with a certification of authenticity from Jerusalem’s world-famous Israel Museum, as well as a short biography on the historical background of this fantastic item in English and Hebrew for your enjoyment. This item is compatible with standard Hanukkah candles for your convenience.  

A Hanukkah blessing pamphlet (24cm x 16.5cm / 9.4" x 6.5") is included with this menorah. It features the prayers recited over the candles, as well as maoz tzur in both Hebrew and English for easy reading.

Israel's largest cultural institution, the Israel Museum, is dedicated to recording and safeguarding the relics that chronicle the tale of the Jewish people. Housing thousands of years of ancient artifacts pertaining to Jewish culture all over the world, the Israel Museum’s mission is to educate and encourage knowledge of Judaism’s rich and fascinating history to people all over the globe. One of their methods of fulfilling this dream is to create stunning replicas and adaptations of the original pieces in their encyclopedic collections and distribute them worldwide. With each captivating replication comes its own certification of authenticity, as well as a brief summary of that piece’s historical background in both Hebrew and English.     

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