Jerusalem Stone Ten Commandments Tablet Free Standing Ornament

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On the lookout for a spectacular piece of biblically-inspired decor to decorate your home, workspace, or place of worship? Check out this elegant free standing ornament from the Holy Land!

  • Made from genuine Jerusalem stone, this ornament is designed as the tablets that bore the Ten Commandments. Each commandment is represented by the opening Hebrew words of the commandment. 
  • A truly remarkable piece of biblically-inspired decor brought to you directly from the holy city.
  • Free-standing, this Ten Commandments ornament is ideal for displaying on your desk or bookshelf as a terrific testament of faith, and would also make a fabulous gift for a housewarming or a thoughtful donation to your place of worship!

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Genuine Jerusalem Stone

Size: 15.5cm x 13.5cm x 4.5cm / 6.1” x 5.3” x 1.8”

Stunning and unique, this incredible statuette is a fascinating and remarkable work of art that will look amazing on any desk or shelf! Spectacular and exquisite with its original design, this gorgeous creation is beautifully made from a slab of roughly hewn Jerusalem stone with a lovely, smoothly polished face in the iconic shape of the 10 Commandments. With a delicately engraved outline, the first two words of each commandment have been etched in Hebrew and filled in with a metallic gold color so that each word can stand out clearly. Complete with an attached stand, this eye-catching piece is a fabulous combination of ancient symbolism and modern art, making it the perfect cherished gift from the Holy Land to give someone you love!       

One of the Holy Land’s signature features is its buildings and structures, which are uniquely built with Jerusalem Stone. A type of limestone exclusive to this region, it is popularly used in building, jewelry, home décor, and religious items. Jerusalem Stone is particularly famous in the Old City of Jerusalem, where even the streets and roads are paved with this attractive material. Jerusalem Stone can come in a variable of hues and shades, coming in all colors of pink, white, yellow, tawny, and cream. This broad range of colors means that every individual Jerusalem Stone work of art is a unique masterpiece crafted just for you!


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