Marina Jewelry Sterling Silver Everlasting Holy Spirit and Cross Necklace

Designed in Israel
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Looking for a way to show that your faith is everlasting and infinite? Check out this stunning necklace:

  • Made of sterling silver, this necklace is shaped as an Everlasting Cross that symbolizes infinity, and it features a gold-plated dove above where it connects. 
  • A unique and original design from one of the Holy Land's most celebrated designers, Marina Jewelry.
  • Meaningful and elegant, this necklace is perfect for day to day wear to complement any outfit.

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925 Sterling Silver, Gold Plating

Size: 1.03” x 0.57” / 2.61 cm x 1.44 cm

Charming and pretty, this lovely sterling silver Cross necklace is a unique and special piece of jewelry that combines elegance with spirituality in the most beautiful way! Marvelously made by the outstanding Israeli artist Marina, this tasteful piece incorporates a blend of symbols into its graceful design. Featuring a stylish wire frame that borrows the infinitely twisting loops of the Infinity symbol to create this particular Cross, known as an Everlasting Cross, this delicate pendant is incredibly meaningful. Embellished with a dainty gold-plated Dove of Peace, also referred to as the Holy Spirit, this pendant is one that represents eternal love, life, and peace, making it a great gift from the Holy Land to give to a friend, family member, or loved one as a token of your affection!

Marina Jewelry is a leading designer in Judaica and Christian themed jewelry. Created in 1983, her stunning pieces marry modern fashion with traditional elements to produce gorgeous wearable art. Famed worldwide for her use of high-quality semi-precious stones and Biblically inspired works, Marina Jewelry caters to a global clientele and offers a wide range of exquisite items that are sure to please you or your loved ones.


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