Nano 24K Gold Plated and Gemstone Grafted-In Necklace with 24K Gold Micro-Inscription (Black)

Made in Israel
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Fuse faith and fashion with modern technology with this stunning designer necklace from Nano Jewelry:

  • Made of 24K gold plated silver, this round pendant features a black cubic zirconia stone micro-incribed in 24K gold with the Grafted In symbol, Jesus's name in Hebrew and English, and a quote from the Bible.
  • An original design from the Holy Land.
  • Will make an excellent and dazzling addition to your jewelry collection!

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24K Gold Plated, Gemstone

Size: 18mm / 0.7"

Indulge yourself in some retail therapy with this exquisite gold plated pendant! Stunningly crafted, this sensational trinket is a fashionable expression of faithful devotion to God and a righteous lifestyle while also being a stylish work of art. Set with a sparkling jet-black gemstone in a charming 24k gold-plated circular casing with striking geometrically etched edges, this marvelous pendant flaunts exciting embellishment on the surface of the gem using state-of-the-art nanotechnology. Beautifully ornamented with the Messianic Seal or Grafted-In symbol in 24k gold encircled by the English and Hebrew names of Jesus and a powerful quote from the bible, this spectacular pendant is a captivating masterpiece. Emblazoned with the words “Branches were broken off so that I might be Grafted in” (Romans 11:19), this fabulous trinket will make an irresistible reflection of your spiritual conviction and a lovely addition to any wardrobe! Impressive and alluring, surprise someone special to you with this magnificent pendant that is sure to make a meaningful and unforgettable gift of love and affection.                    

Nano Jewelry uses innovative modern technology to create extraordinary and astonishing one-of-a-kind jewelry. Utilizing high-resolution imprint nanotechnology to micro-inscribe symbols and texts onto Onyx or Cubic Zirconia, 24K Gold is permanently fused to gemstones in captivating and charming designs that will never cease to amaze you. Made only with top-quality materials, Nano pendants can be worn in the shower, gym or even to the beach without worry of damage or wear.

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