Spikenard Anointing Oil 10 ml

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Let the biblical scents of the Holy Land permeate through your home with this splendid spikenard anointing oil.

  • This awe-inspiring anointing oil is infused with the sweet scent of spikenard, celebrated in the bible for its medicinal properties.
  • An original product brought to you directly from the holy city of Jerusalem.
  • Infused with the fragrances of the bible, this anointing oil is the perfect addition to your bathing, healing, or worship routines.

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Ingredients: 100% Pure Extra Virgin Olive and Spikenard

During the times of the Bible Spikenard was a costly and much valued perfume. Found in rock ledges and mountain slopes, this oil has been used as a perfume and for medicinal purposes. This plant represents love, which can clearly be seen when Mary uses this in the Bible to anoint Jesus.

Scripture relating to this product can be found in: Song 4:13-14 and Mark 14


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