Sterling Silver and 9K Gold Slim Band Hebrew Spinning Ring with ‘This Too Shall Pass’ Inscription

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925 Sterling Silver, 9K Yellow Gold

Width: 0.24” / 6 mm

All too often in life, we face difficult hardships that can turn even the most ordinary of everyday tasks into a challenge, so if you’re struggling and need something to fuel your faith and perseverance, let this stunning little ring be the thing that helps you find perspective whenever there's a bump in the road! Designed to inspire hope for the future and comfort the soul during times of distress, this gorgeous two-tone ring is inscribed with a powerful Hebrew verse from scriptures, ‘Ha’Kol Ovair Gam Zeh Ya’Avor’ – Everything Passes and This Too Shall Pass,’ making this elegant ring a beautiful reminder that there's a rainbow waiting at the end of every storm. Deliberately made so that the internal band can spin, this stylish, slender spinning ring is wonderfully made from premium quality 9k gold accented sterling silver, ensuring that this meaningful and fun accessory from the Holy Land will stay with you or a loved one for many years to come!  

This Ring is suitable for either men or women


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