Sterling Silver Greek Cross Necklace With Red Gemstones

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925 Sterling Silver

Size: 0.8" X 0.8" / 2 cm X 2 cm

Chain Length: 18" / 44 cm

This pretty sterling silver Greek cross necklace is embellished with 5 gorgeous red gemstones. Intricate detailing adorns the edges of the cross as well as around the gemstone, making this piece truly unique and beautiful. This pendant will make a great gift - perfect for any occasion! 

Israel's largest cultural institution, the Israel Museum, based in the Holy City of Jerusalem, is dedicated to recording and safeguarding the relics that chronicle the tale of the Jewish people. Housing thousands of years of ancient artifacts pertaining to Jewish culture all over the world, the Israel Museum’s mission is to educate and encourage knowledge of Judaism’s rich and fascinating history to people all over the globe. One of their methods of fulfilling this dream is to create stunning replicas and adaptations of the original pieces in their encyclopedic collections and distribute them worldwide. With each captivating replication comes its own certification of authenticity, as well as a brief summary of that piece’s historical background in both Hebrew and English.

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