Talitnia Acrylic Wool Traditional Tallit Prayer Shawl (Blue and Gold Stripes)

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Searching for a stunning and meaningful gift for someone special to mark an important milestone? Search no further:

  • This magnificent Tallit (prayer shawl) is made of acrylic wool and is adorned with an array of beautiful blue stripes in the traditional style. The Hebrew blessing recited when putting on the tallit is displayed across the collar.
  • An original design from the Holy Land by Talitnia, leading designers of both classic and modern prayer shawls.
  • Whether for a religious right of passage or another special occasion, this Tallit is the perfect gift.

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Acrylic Wool

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Add something new to your prayer service to the Lord with this exceptional prayer shawl from the Holy Land! This flawlessly crafted tallit (prayer shawl) is fabulously made from acrylic wool making it wonderfully lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. Boasting of an attractively soft woolen finish, this classic prayer shawl features traditional style stripes in vibrant blue and shimmering gold, making this alluring prayer shawl everything you need to feel reconnected to God. In addition, the collar is inscribed with the traditional Hebrew blessing for the tallit: "Baruch Ata Hashem Elokeinu HaOlam Asher Kidshanu BeMitzvotav VeTzvinu LeHitatef BeTzitzit" (Blessed are You God, Ruler of the Universe, Who sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to wrap ourselves in the ritual fringes). A gorgeous alternative to sheep's wool, this remarkable product will make an affordable choice for those who are looking to avoid using animal product or who suffer from sensitivities to allergens, giving the wearer a stress-free experience. A splendid gift to give to someone looking to embrace ancient tradition in his or her lives, this authentic prayer shawl is an unparalleled garment of righteous dedication.

Famed worldwide for their uncompromising quality, Talitnia began from modest beginnings in Tikochin, Poland in 1898, and eventually grew into the world’s most prominent producers of high-quality tallitot. A family-run business, Talitnia are experts in the field of manufacturing exceptional prayer shawls, often combining ancient traditions with modern techniques and materials, creating an astonishing variety of tallitot, from the iconic traditional stripped wool shawls to more modern and colorful styles. With their unshakable commitment to excellence, each stunning creation from Talitnia is an exceptional treasure from the Holy Land perfect for celebrating a special milestone or expressing your devotion to your faith in God!

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  1. Talitnia Acrylic Wool Traditional Tallit Prayer Shawl (Blue and Gold Stripes)
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