Yair Emanuel Embroidered Poly Silk Tallit (Prayer Shawl) Set With Tree of Life Design (Pink)

Designed in Israel
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Bursting with color and deep religious symbolism, this tallit (prayer shawl) set will make a fantastic addition to your collection of personal religious articles.


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Size: 16" X 70" / 40 cm X 180 cm

Enrich your personal worship experience with this stunning tallit (prayer shawl) from renowned Israeli artist, Yair Emanuel. Colored pink, the center of the garment, its four corners as well as the collar are decorated with beautiful multicolored  Tree of Life designs, symbolizing an eternal life of purity and righteousness, while the collar is inscribed with the inspirational Hebrew verse, "Etz Chaim Hi Lamachazikim Ba VeTomcheha Meushar" – "It Is a Tree of Life For Those Who Grasp It And Its Supporters Are Happy" (Proverbs 3:18). Available with a matching bag and head covering, this tallit set will make a terrific gift from the Holy Land for that special person of faith in your life.

Yair Emanuel is a world-renowned artist from Jerusalem famed for his beautiful and colorful traditionally inspired modern art. Working with many different mediums and techniques, Emanuel produces exquisite art unlike any you’ve seen before. With bright and vivid colors, this talented artist creates magnificent home décor and clothing items that are both modern and traditional, relying heavily on ancient classical motifs and nature to inspire his unique designs, which captivate and mesmerize all who look upon them. Don't hesitate a moment longer to wow all your friends with a stunning treasure made in Jerusalem by this incredible artist.

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