Yair Emanuel Laser-Cut and Hand-Painted Tryptich Wall Art Featuring Birds On Branches

Designed in Israel
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Bring part of the Holy Land to your home with this fantastic wall hanging from Yair Emanuel:

  • Crafted from laser cut metal, this brightly colored and handpainted wall hanging features three panels that are each decorated with colorful birds. The center panel displays a pomegranate tree.
  • Features the Hebrew text from the Home Blessing, reading "May This House Be Blessed With Happiness and Love." 
  • An original design by one of the Holy Land's leading designers, Yair Emanuel. 
  • Will make a meaningful gift for a wedding, housewarming, anniversary, or any other special occasion!

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Laser Cut Metal (Hand Painted)

Size: 35cm x 25cm / 14.5" x 10"

Enhance your home décor with this bright and colorful piece of wall art from renowned Israeli artist, Yair Emanuel. Made from laser-cut metal and hand-painted with vibrant colors, this work features three panels with the two side panels depicting various birds perched on leafy branches. The center panel portrays a bird resting on a pomegranate tree that is bursting with ripe fruits.  Underneath the tree's roots are written the Hebrew words "Yevorach Habayit Besimcha Ubeahava" ("May This House Be Blessed With Happiness and Love"). Vividly colored and richly detailed, this work of wall art is the perfect way of imbuing your home with the beauty of the Holy Land.

Yair Emanuel is a world-renowned artist from Jerusalem famed for his beautiful and colorful traditionally inspired modern art. Working with many different mediums and techniques, Emanuel produces exquisite art unlike any you’ve seen before. With bright and vivid colors, this talented artist creates magnificent home décor and clothing items that are both modern and traditional, relying heavily on ancient classical motifs and nature to inspire his unique designs, which captivate and mesmerize all who look upon them. Don't hesitate a moment longer to wow all your friends with a stunning treasure made in Jerusalem from this incredible artist.

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