44"-46" Large Yemenite Kudu Polished Shofar

Made in Israel
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Awaken your soul with this extraordinary kudu shofar from the Holy Land:

  • This wonderful shofar is made from a kudu (antelope) horn, as is the tradition of Yemenite Jews, and sports a gorgeous, polished finish.
  • Delicately made in the Holy Land by some of Jerusalem's leading producers of superior quality shofarot.
  • Bigger than regular kudu shofars, this captivating shofar is perfect for communal use in your place of worship.

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Size: 44" - 46" / 112cm - 117cm (measured lengthwise around the curves)

Spark your soul with the tremendous sound of this elegant, large shofar! This enchanting, polished shofar is beautifully crafted from the horn of a kudu (antelope), in accordance with the Yemenite Jewish tradition. With an arousing and awe-inspiring sound, the shofar spurs us to search our souls and make amends for the wrongs that we have committed. Impressively larger than regular kudu shofars, this exclusive shofar is perfect for communal holiday services in your place of worship.

Please Note: Shofars are a natural product and may therefore come in shades of color somewhat lighter or darker than what is pictured.

Purchase together with this item (for an additional charge):

- A 50 ml bottle of shofar odor neutralizer.
- A stylish shofar bag.
- A matching deluxe shofar stand.

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