925 Sterling Silver Beaded Opalite Bracelet with Nano Bible Roman Cross Locket

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925 Sterling Silver, Opalite

Length of Bracelet: 19cm / 7.5”

Size of Pendant: 23mm x 28mm / 0.9” x 1.1”

Incredibly unique and captivating, this amazing beaded bracelet is a sensational piece of jewelry that will attract admiration wherever it goes! Fantastically crafted from high-grade materials, this artisan-made piece boasts an unprecedented design featuring a finely worked oval-shaped locket fastened onto a wonderfully beaded bracelet strung with semi-opaque faceted beads made from Opalite, a stone similar to moonstones and opals. Exquisitely decorating the face of the locket is a delicate floral motif framing an embossed Roman Cross, while inside the locket is a tiny square shard of microfilm, which has been Nano inscribed with the complete text of the Bible, letting you can carry the word of God everywhere. The locket, as well as the bracelet’s classic bar and ring clasp and silver beading, are all solidly made from top-quality sterling silver, ensuring long-lasting durability and beauty, making this spectacular trinket from the Holy Land the perfect gift to give to someone special!      

Shablool Silver Jewelry Design is an incredible Israeli design studio founded in 1989 by Hillel and Yochai, twin brothers with a vision to produce affordable, high-end sterling silver jewelry that will wow the world with their extraordinary beauty. Specializing in designing and crafting colorful, gorgeous pieces inspired by nature, spiritual themes, and the Holy Land’s own rich and fabled history; everything made by Shablool is artfully unique and tantalizingly special, ensuring that any one of these attractive trinkets will make a desirable addition to your wardrobe.             


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