Teapots, Sugar Bowls & Creamers Armenian Ceramics

Teapots, Sugar Bowls & Creamers Armenian Ceramics
Armenian ceramics have a unique history in the land of Israel. World famous for their striking bold colors and traditional designs, these hand-painted ceramic wares will truly astound you. The vibrant hues and intricate patterns were developed by prominent Armenian master potters and kept a family secret to past down through the generations. Working with such prestigious artisans, My Jerusalem Store is proud to offer you an ever-growing collection of exceptionally high quality ceramic art you won’t find anywhere else.

 In the early 1920’s, these master potters and artisans were bought to what was then Palestine from Armenia in order to restore the ancient tiles at religious holy sites such as the Dome of the Rock mosque in the Old City in Jerusalem. Opening up a studio in the Old City, this makes Armenian Ceramics one of the oldest businesses in Jerusalem.

Dealing with a shortage of raw materials during the early 30’ and 40’s, and facing extreme hardships and near ruin during the 1948 and 1967 Arab-Israeli wars, the Armenian potters struggled and eventually persevered to preserve their business,  succeeding on making it flourish.

Prior to the arrival of the Armenian artists, production of ornamental ceramic and pottery previously did not exist in the region, with the potters subsequently establishing new techniques and styles that later became exclusively associated with Israel.     

With such a rich history and exceptionally detailed murals and ceramic ware, it’s no wonder how these master potters have made a name for themselves that will be revered for generations.