Barsheshet-Ribak Oryx Shofar

Made in Israel
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Proclaim your faith in the Lord with the awesome sound of this wonderful shofar:

  • Natural dark oryx horn 
  • A perfect addition to your home decor as well for use in worship or festivals all year round.

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Size: 50.8 - 81.2 cm / 20"-32"

This exquisite classic oryx shofar is the perfect way to awaken the depths of your soul! Expertly crafted, this marvelous shofar is created from an oryx horn. Deep brown in color, and with a natural, unpolished finish, this one-of-a-kind shofar is complete with multiple ridges along its frame to emphasize its raw, organic beauty. Elegant and flawless, this majestic shofar is one you’ll never cease to enjoy!

Please Note: Shofars are a natural product, so the exact coloring and length may vary slightly from that pictured.

Barsheshet-Ribak is a family business dating back to 14th century Spain.
Today located in the Holy Land, this incredible company manufactures awe-inspiring shofarot, made to the highest standards and in accordance with biblical tradition.

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