Ben Jewelry 14K Yellow Gold and Eilat Stone Men’s Stacked Jerusalem Cross Ring

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$1,540.00 Special Price $1,386.00

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14K Yellow Gold, Eilat Stone

Size of Cross: 17 mm x 17 mm / 0.66” x 0.66”

Bold and modern, this remarkable 14k gold ring has everything a man could possibly want in a faith-inspired piece of jewelry and more! Exceptionally crafted by one of Jerusalem’s leading designers, this phenomenal piece features a sleek, elegant band with a dual-layered Jerusalem Cross set with striking Eilat Stone inlay, making this trinket perfect for conveying one’s pride for their faith with sophistication. Sure to make a spectacular gift for yourself or the special man in your life, this luxurious and captivating creation is a mesmerizing trinket from the Holy Land that will certainly become a future family heirloom!           

Ben Jewelers was opened in the early 1990s by Ben Sadya, one of Israel’s top jewelers, who first learned his craft in metalworking from his family who would design and craft fine jewelry for the Royal Court of Yemen. Ben learned the secrets of Yemenite filigree in his father’s workshop, where he spent much of his childhood perfecting his skills. Ben Sadya lovingly designs and hand constructs each piece, taking inspiration from his heritage and adding a modern twist, which has earned this incredible artisan international acclaim and recognition. Respected worldwide for his extraordinary talent and fabulous designs, this magnificent artist works with a multitude of materials and styles, famously incorporating precious and semi-precious gemstones, 14 and 18 karat gold and sterling silver, as well as beautiful, glittering Roman Glass to produce luxurious pieces of indescribable beauty. Every flawless creation from this impressive artist is a radiant masterpiece unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.     

Due to a diverse combination of copper minerals, which gives this green-blue stone its distinctive look, Eilat Stone is the National stone of Israel. Named after Israel's southernmost city, this stone was once mined there, despite being originally discovered in King Solomon's copper mines located near the Red Sea. This is why the popular stone is also known as 'King Solomon Stone'. Possessing properties similar to diamonds in that each stone has its own unique difference in cut, color, and weight, Eilat Stone is a rare material with fascinating qualities that ensure that whichever stone you choose will be a one-of-a-kind stone entirely your own!


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