A powerful symbol of ancient mysticism, the Tree of Life is a tree planted by God in the center of the Garden of Eden with the power to grant eternal life. Our Tree of Life Jewelry depict this awe-inspiring symbol that represents an unwavering commitment to living a righteous life, and embodies the perseverance needed to earn a place within the Garden of Eden. There is also nowhere else where you can find more beautiful or magnificently made Tree of Life jewelry than on My Jerusalem Store. With our ever-expanding collection of biblically inspired jewelry produced by some of Israel's most prestigious artists, and crafted right in the heart of the Holy Land, we offer only the highest quality products. Give someone you love the sweet and thoughtful gift of one of these stunning works of art that they will cherish until the Second Coming and beyond.

The right to the Tree’s mighty fruit was revoked when Adam and Eve sinned and were cast out of the Garden, and it was thereafter guarded by a cherub wielding a flaming sword. However, many believe that just as Adam sinned and lost the right to the fruit of the Tree of Life, so has God provided a Savior to redeem the repentant and forgive the sinners; and that those who have lived righteous lives will be resurrected and offered fruit from the Tree and will gain entrance to the Garden. With such historical and deep spiritual significance, the symbol of the Tree of Life is incredibly compelling. Popularly rendered in art and more recently in fine jewelry, this emblem signifies a belief and faith in redemption through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. This way, you can give a loved one something special with the perfect piece of Tree of Life jewelry.