Creation of the World Educational Wooden Puzzle

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Bring the creation of the world to life with this phenomenal do-it-yourself puzzle!

  • Made of high-quality wooden pieces, this set is assembled to bring the Book of Genesis to life and tell the story of the seven days of creation (including the Sabbath)
  • A wonderfully interactive design brought to you directly from the holy city of Jerusalem.
  • A fun and interactive tool for religious educators and teachers, this set also makes a magnificent holiday activity for the whole family

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Natural Wood

Length: 29.5cm / 11.6"

Height: 20.5cm / 8"

Width: 1cm / 0.39"

Suitable for ages 3+ 

Bring the story of creation to life with this fabulously fun and educational do-it-yourself puzzle! Made of high-quality, sustainable wood, this kit consists of laser-cut wooden plates that you assemble together to tell the story of the seven days of creation. The set consists of both biblical quotes from the Book of Genesis and strikingly inspirational images. A fun and educational activity for all - from toddlers to teenagers and from parents to pensioners - this set is a wonderful gift for a special occasion and a must-have for teachers and educators!

Based in Jerusalem, Touch Wood Design makes high-quality biblically-inspired DIY kits that are both educational and fun to assemble. Both socially and environmentally conscious, Touch Wood Design works with people with special needs and also makes each of their items from natural and recyclable materials. With their convenient packaging and easy-to-follow instructions, we are sure that you will love the time you spend (either by yourself or with family) both learning and creating each of Touch Wood Design's spectacular products.

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