Jordana Klein Glass Cube Home Blessing With Swirling Multicolored Design (Hebrew-English)

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Add a splash of vibrant color to your home decor with this beautiful piece from renowned artist, Jordana Klein:

  • Made of glass and bursting with color.
  • Meaningful blessing for the home in Hebrew and English.
  • A unique design from the Holy Land.
  • A great gift idea for a special occasion.

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Add a unique touch of style from the Holy Land to your home décor with this marvelous ornamental glass cube from acclaimed artist, Jordana Klein. Made so that it appears to change dimensions depending on which angle it is viewed from, this remarkable cube features a home blessing in both Hebrew and English set against a vibrant multicolored swirling design. Stylish, contemporary, and unique, this beautiful piece is the perfect gift for a housewarming, wedding, or any other special milestone.

The Hebrew home blessing is "Yevurach Zeh Bayit BeBirkat Shamayim Ahava Reut Chedva VeSason Bo Shachnenu. Parnassa Hatzlacha UBriut Bo YeChanu" (May this house be blessed with the blessing of Heavens. Love, friendship, joy, and delight shall dwell here. Livelihood, success, and health will exist here) while the English blessing reads "May This Home Be Blessed By the Almighty. Overflowing With Friendship and Joy, Blessed With Livelihood, Success and Good Health."

Based in Jerusalem, artist Jordana Klein takes inspiration from the natural beauty that the world, and the Holy Land in particular, has to offer. Through her use of bold, vibrant colors, her work brings you stunning pieces of both practical and exquisite works of art that will illuminate your home décor for years to come.

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