Lin’s Farm Natural Pure Raw Wildflower Honey 250 gr

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250 g / 8.33 oz 

Yummy and delicious, this pure, unprocessed natural raw honey is made from wildflowers that grow in the fields of the rich and fertile Galilee region of northern Israel. Sweet and tasty, this marvelous honey is the perfect way to sweeten tea or desserts and will instantly become a favorite staple in your pantry!

Lin’s Farm is a family run company based in Israel, which has produced an impressive range of natural products based on honey and other all-natural ingredients for the last 30 years. Each of their mouthwatering products is free of preservatives, added sugars, dairy, soy, and chemicals, and do not contain more than 1-8 different ingredients to ensure you only the purest and unaltered flavors. With natural products that are full of surprising health benefits and abundant flavors, it’s no surprise why goods from Lin’s Farm are so much better than anything you’ll find at your local health food store!         


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