Marina Jewelry Elegant Sterling Silver and Eilat Stone Ring

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A magnificent blend of craftsmanship and the natural beauty of the Holy Land, this ring will make a terrific gift for that special person in your life.


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925 Sterling Silver, Eilat Stone

Front Width: 0.2" / 5.08 mm

Enrich your wardrobe with this stunning ring from Marina Jewelry. Made from sterling silver, this rounded ring is decorated with polished and variegated cuts of Eilat Stone, separated by chic beaded designs. With its contrast of tones,  this ring is sure to dazzle your friends and family every time you wear it.

Due to a diverse combination of copper minerals that gives this green-blue stone its distinctive look, Eilat Stone is the National stone of Israel. Named after Israel's southernmost city, this stone was once mined there, despite being originally discovered in King Solomon's copper mines located near the Red Sea. This is why the popular stone is also known as 'King Solomon Stone'. Possessing properties similar to diamonds in that each stone has its own unique difference in cut, color, and weight, this ensures that the stone you choose will be a one of a kind stone entirely your own.

Marina Jewelry is a leading designer in Judaica and Christian themed jewelry. Created in 1983, her stunning pieces marry modern fashion with traditional elements to produce gorgeous wearable art. Famed worldwide for her use of high-quality semi-precious stones and Biblically inspired works, Marina Jewelry caters to a global clientele and offers a wide range of exquisite items that are sure to please you or your loved ones.

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