Shofar Above The Lion's Gate Serigraph by Moshe Castel

Custom Made in Jerusalem
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Add a fabulously unique work of Holy Land art to your home decor with this sensational serigraph:

  • This gold embossed serigraph brings together a range of Jerusalem-inspired motifs including a depiction of the shofar above the Lion's Gate (the gate through which Jesus entered the city before the Crucifixion), a red Ark of the Covenant cover, a section of Torah parchment, and a golden ancient Hebrew inscription.
  • An original work by Jerusalem-based artist, Moshe Castel.
  • Whether a wonderful addition to your own home decor or a housewarming gift for someone close, this elegant masterpiece will be admired for years to come.

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Gold Embossed Serigraph Signed on Plate

Size: 45cm x 57.5cm/14" x 20.8"

Add a unique touch to your home décor with this extraordinary serigraph from renowned Israeli artist Moshe Castel. Based on his work "Shofar Above The Lion's Gate," this work beautifully blends together various traditional motifs. At the top of the piece is a shofar alongside a depiction of the Lion's Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem (thought to be the site of Jesus' entrance into the city prior to his crucifixion). Below is a work resembling the red cover of a Torah Ark (where Torah scrolls are kept in a synagogue) alongside a reproduction of a tattered section of a Torah scroll. Further down, on the dark red base, is a gold-embossed inscription in ancient Hebrew alongside an abstract depiction of people trying to enter through the gate. Uniquely designed, this piece is a wonderful blend of ancient and modern.

Jerusalem-born and internationally trained, Moshe Castel is known for his portrayals of Middle Eastern Jewry as well as his works that are based in the ancient history of the Holy Land.

  1. Shofar Above The Lion's Gate Serigraph by Moshe Castel
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