Olive Wood Crucifix and Rosary Gift Set

Made in Israel
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For a meaningful gift set that expresses faith in the Lord, this item is a perfect choice:

  • The fantastic set contains an olive wood crucifix, an olive wood rosary set complete with the name of Jerusalem, and a set of four miniature bottles containing holy water, olive oil, earth, and incense - all from the Holy Land!
  • The olive wood crucifix and rosary set have been hand-carved in accordance with the ancient traditions passed down by craftsmen in the Bethlehem and Jerusalem area for centuries.
  • Perfect as a memento for yourself or as a meaningful gift for a devout friend.

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Olive Wood Cross, Holy Water, Oil and Soil, Incense, Rosary

Size: 5.9" x 4.1" / 15cm x 10.5cm

This Treasure set includes small bottles of pure water from the Jordan River, oil and earth from Jerusalem, incense, and an olive wood cross and rosary made in Israel. A great item for those seeking spirituality and meaning from the Holy Land. 

The Olive Wood Factory produces and creates some of the most exquisite and meaningful Christian art in the Holy Land. The remarkable artisans of Bethlehem have passed on the secrets of hand carving Olive Wood into phenomenal sculptures from generation to generation, and the skills and methods used are often the same ones used for hundreds of years. Brilliantly carving breathtaking scenes and sculptures out of beautiful Olive Wood, each one of these superb works of art is a masterpiece to be treasured and cherished forever.

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