Yair Emanuel Noah's Ark Wooden Dreidel With Stand

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Brand: Yair Emanuel

Enhance your family's Hanukkah celebrations for all eight nights with this fantastic designer dreidel from the Holy Land:

  • Both the dreidel and the stand are decorated with a beautiful representation of the story of Noah's ark, including animals walking two by two, Noah standing by his ark full of animals and a rainbow spread out overhead
  • Features four Hebrew letters (nun, gimel, hey and peh) that symbolize the phrase "Nes Gadol Haya Po" (A great miracle happened here)
  • An original work by one of Israel's top Judaica designers, Yair Emanuel
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Yair Emanuel Noah's Ark Wooden Dreidel With Stand
Yair Emanuel Noah's Ark Wooden Dreidel With Stand


Size: 9cm X 3.5cm / 3.6” X 1.4”

Celebrate the miracles of the Almighty from early Biblical times to the modern day with this gorgeous dreidel (spinning top) from world-renowned Israeli artist Yair Emanuel. Made from wood, both the dreidel and its matching stand are adorned with various images that symbolize the Biblical story of Noah's Ark, including Noah standing by his ark filled with animals, a colorful rainbow spread out across the sky and animals walking two by two. A wonderful blend of tradition and contemporary art, this vibrantly colored dreidel is perfect for use on Hanukkah as well as for enriching your home décor throughout the rest of the year.

Yair Emanuel is a world-renowned artist from Jerusalem famed for his beautiful and colorful traditionally inspired modern art. Working with many different mediums and techniques, Emanuel produces exquisite art unlike any you’ve seen before. With bright and vivid colors, this talented artist creates magnificent home décor and clothing items that are both modern and traditional, relying heavily on ancient classical motifs and nature to inspire his unique designs, which captivate and mesmerize all who look upon them. Don't hesitate a moment longer to wow all your friends with a stunning treasure made in Jerusalem from this incredible artist.

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