28"-30" Yemenite Kudu Shofar Horn - Half Polished

Made in Israel
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Size: 28" - 30" / 71 - 76 cm (measured lengthwise around the curves)

This jaw-dropping instrument (or Shofar) is made from the horn of a kudu, a species of antelope native to Africa. Used for centuries by Yemenite Jews for the traditional horn blowing ritual performed during the Jewish New Year, the imposing instruments were later brought to Israel where they have made a lasting impression. Far larger and more tightly spiraled than the standard European ram’s horns, the sound this impressive instrument produces is crisp and pure. Using modern methods to shape the horn according to ancient tradition, half of this mighty horn is polished smooth while the other side is left in its natural state, revealing the unique and exquisite beauty of this unforgettable instrument. A spectacular addition to your home or a great gift for someone you love, this magnificent creation will be treasured forever.      


Please Note: Shofars may come in shades of color somewhat lighter or darker than what is pictured.

Purchase together with this item (for an additional charge):

  • A 50 ml bottle of shofar odor neutralizer.
  • A matching deluxe shofar stand.
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